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At the beginning of 2016, the branding and launch of fertilizer products began: Market entry strategy is defined, first production has taken place, first sales partners have been acquired (Budnikowski - 170 Branches), first direct sales of fertilizer products have taken place Advisory business has started as well (Reference customers: Kirchentag, BSU Hamburg, Fusion Festival) The BUND is available as a cooperation partner of the products in organic agriculture The Investment and Development Bank of Hamburg (IFB Hamburg) granted a start-up subsidy, amounting to 100,000 euros, for the company‘s activities in 2016

Innovation: Patented, new process for the cleaning and treatment of recycled phosphorus Combination: Unification of modern nutrient research and natural Terra Preta concepts Configurability: The production process allows for the adjustment of the product composition with respect to various specialties & applications (e.g. Roses, Lawns, Vegetable fertilizers)

Next steps & investment volume: In order to implement the product & sales strategy, a separate production plant must be procured Investment I: Own production plant with a capacity of 15.000t p.a.: Capital requirement: approx. 1,1 Mil. € Investment II: Technology for processing & BUND cooperation: Capital requirement: approx. 120 T€ Investment III: Expansion of the product range, sales activities, fixed costs for 2 years: Capital requirement: 1,77 Mio. € Financial planning/ Outlook: With a planned sales volume of approximately 15.000 Tonnes per year, starting in 2020, the projected EBITDA is 7,8 Mil. € per year in a optimistic business case A solid and profitable business could be achieved in the private customer segment with a sales volume of around 3000 Tonnes per year. This corresponds to an annual special action with a discounter (Aldi Nord/Süd, Lidl) with the placement of approx.1 Pallet/1 Ton per market (Aldi: 4241 Shops, Lidl: 3203 Shops). This would result an EBITDA of approx. 1,2 Mil. €.
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Alexander Kern

Created Jun 30, 2017 Hamburg

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